Armor Contract Machining Capabilities

Armor Contract Manufacturing offers machining capabilities through our acquisitions of Advanced Precision Manufacturing, Inc in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and Cullip Industries in Elkhart, Indiana. Our capabilities include: 


We have machining centers for your milling, drilling, and boring needs, as well as, CNC turning for diameters up to 11 inches in quantities from 1 to 1000 or more.


Wire EDM has established itself as a prime technology in the metal cutting industry. The cutting of intricate shapes to close tolerances has made Wire EDM the technology of choice for many parts. Our capacities include the cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to 15-3/4" thick in either prototype or production quantities.


At Armor Contract Manufacturing, we have swiss turning capabilities for turned parts under 1-1/4”. Swiss turning allows more efficient machining of parts that are long, turned on both ends, close tolerance, or have secondary milling operations. If any of these characteristics fit your parts you will want to consider swiss turning.


With Coordinate Measuring Machines, Optical comparators, and other conventional gauging, we can provide the dimensional assesment that is required on many parts today.


Armor Contract offers stamping dies, tools, jigs, fixtures, locators, and gauging equipment for your tooling needs.