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Armor Contract Manufacturing Cincinnati Fabricated Assemblies Process

Paint, Powder Coat & Finishing

One-Stop Midwest Paint, Powder Coat & Finishing Solution for a Wide Variety of Custom-Designed, Engineered Products

We are experienced in large and small production runs, large-scale units, and building to government specifications.

Our paint, powder coat, and finishing system were designed with a single notion in mind; give the ability to prep, paint, and prime nearly any product, no matter the size. We have the capability for various finish options, including wet paint, powder coating, and chemical agent-resistant coating (CARC).

Wet Paint:

We operate one of the largest painting and sandblasting facilities in the Midwest out of our Mason, Ohio facilities.

Environmental Overview:

  • All Booths and equipment are EPA certified
  • Meets or exceeds all local, state, and federal regulations
  • All solvents recycled to GE purity specifications
  • Three-stage exhaust air filtration
  • Automated filter monitoring to reduce waste
  • All discharge water and solvents contained on-site for recycling

Powder Coat & Finishing:

Armor’s powder coating line out of our Lebanon, Ohio facility can handle longer assembles and large squared pieces up to 2-1/2’ X 5’ X 20’. We operate both automated/conveyor lines as well as batch ovens that handle sizes up to
20’ X 13’7” X 10’10”.

Our powder coating services also include packaging, warehousing, local pickup, and delivery. Our powder coating can be applied to a variety of metal surfaces, including aluminum, ferrous, stainless, extrusions, and castings.

Learn more about our wet paint and powder coating equipment, line and batch capabilities, and our finishes, including CARC which is available in all standard colors.

Contact us to discuss how your paint, powder coat & finishing project can be successfully accomplished between our Cincinnati, Ohio and Elkhart, Indiana manufacturing facilities.

For open manufacturing jobs at our Elkhart and South Bend, Indiana facilities,
visit our Career page on our corporate website.