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Heavy Gauge Stamping

Working with carbon steel, high strength, and stainless steel, Armor Metalstamp provides heavy gauge stamping for a wide range of industries.

Our facility features presses with up to a 1500-ton press rating and manufactures metal parts with materials ranging up to .625″ in thickness. Armor Metalstamp specializes in progressive and multi-operational dies to accommodate your heavy gauge production needs. With an over 45-year history of providing heavy gauge stampings, we are a leader in this metal fabrication process.

heavy gauge stamping in the midwest
Heavy Gauge stamping midwest


General Capabilities
Contract Manufacturing                          Production
Prototype                                                   Custom

Production Method
Progressive Die                                         Single Hit

Production Capabilities
High Strength                                            Heavy Gauge
First Operation Blanks

Stamping Features
Blanking                                                      Deep Draw
Countersunk                                              Coining
Embossed                                                  Shape Critical
In Die Fastener                                          Extrusions

Press Range – 45 Presses
100 tons to 1500 tons

Part Length Up to 36 in

Part Width Up to 72 in

Part Material Thickness 0.020 in to .625 in

Tolerance -+ 0.002 in

Production Volume
High Volume                                            Large Run
Long Run                                                  Large Scale Production
Low Volume                                            Small Run
Prototype to Production

Carbon Steel                                           High Strength Steel
Low Carbon Steel                                  Galvanealed Steel
Stainless Steel                                       Aluminum
Coated Steel

Industry Standards ISO 9001:2015

Additional Services Provided
Assembly                                                Washing
Deburring                                                Coating
Heat Treating                                         Plating
Tapping                                                   Welding
Design                                                    Consulting

Industry Focus
Recreational Vehicles                         Agricultural
Transportation                                     Consumer Products
Bracket Market                                    Trailer
Automotive                                           Appliances
Braking Systems                                 Mining

File Formats
IGES – Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
ANSI file format