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Armor Aftermarket, the official post-sales service provider for Armor Contract Manufacturing, offers rebuild and modernization services for all Armor Group companies, as well as competitor products. Rebuilding allows you to replace problematic parts and assemblies without costly replacement of the entire equipment, minimizing lost production time.

Rebuild and Modernization Advantages

  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs by eliminating constant repairs that interrupt production
  • Rebuilding portions of your equipment is less expensive than the purchase of an entire replacement machine with minimal impact on your production schedule
  • Reduce the cost of ownership by incorporating energy-saving motor packages
  • Extend the life of your product by replacing and modernizing major components rather than replacing the entire product

Find out more about rebuilding your Armor Contract Manufacturing product by calling or emailing us!

Armor Aftermarket Cincinnati Welding Logo and Fleur-de-lis Transparent Background

Armor Aftermarket is the official post-sales service team for Armor Contract Manufacturing.  As part of The Armor Group, Inc., Armor Aftermarket has the experience and expertise to maintain, repair, and provide parts. All individual parts and components, either designed by our engineers or based on provided designs, can be cut to spec, and then fabricated into sub-assemblies or complete products. Armor Aftermarket additionally offers installation services for all Armor Contract Manufacturing products.

Contact us to discuss how your rebuild project can be successfully accomplished between our
Cincinnati, Ohio and Elkhart, Indiana manufacturing facilities.