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Metal stamping In the Midwest

Plant Assist Production & Assembly

One-Stop Solution for Light to Heavy Gauge Stamping

With a large production capacity, Armor Metalstamp offers valuable client plant assist services, providing temporary production of metal stampings and blanks due to overflow at the client’s facility. We can assist in low to high-volume jobs and production runs. If a client’s equipment breakdown, we can help with production needs that will reduce the client’s downtime and prevent it from being shut down.

Armor Metalstamp offers contract manufacturing services for custom metal stampings. Additional post-stamping services are available, including assembly, washing, machining, and deburring. Welding & plating are available internally and with our local supplier network.

Our stamping presses range from 100 – 1500 tons, with the ability to process parts up to 36” in length and up to 72” in width. Part material thickness can range from 0.020” to .625” with maintaining tolerances of 0.002”.


General Capabilities
Temporary production of metal stampings and blanking
Post-stamping Processes

Production Method
Progressive Die
Single Hit

Production Capabilities
High Strength   
Heavy Gauge
Light Gauge
First Operation Blanks

Press Range – 45 Presses 100 tons to 1500 tons

Part Length Up to 36″

Part Width Up to 72″

Part Material Thickness 0.020″ to .625″

Tolerance -+ 0.002″

Post-stamping Services
Heat Treating

Production Volume
High Volume
Long Run
Large Scale Production
Low Volume
Small Run

Carbon Steel 
High Strength Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Galvanealed Steel
Stainless Steel
Coated Steel
Alloys and Copper
Other Specialized Metals

Industry Standards ISO 9001:2015

Packaging Customer
Armor Metalstamp Provided

File Formats
IGES – Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
ANSI file format