Armor Contract Manufacturing Mason Shop

About Us

Armor Contract Fabrication and Manufacturing is your one-stop solution for a wide variety of custom designed, engineered products. We are experienced in both large and small production runs, large scale units, and building to government specifications.

Armor's engineering department is well staffed with designers experienced in transforming customer requirements into a final blueprint for our fabrication shop to build from. Upon receiving a final design, the capable team in the fabrication shop will utilize our specialized cutting, punching, bending, and forming machinery to produce precision components, ready to weld and assemble. Armor's welders are certified in all necessary materials, processes and positions to ensure the highest quality product. Completed products will have surfaces prepared via iron phosphate power washing and media blast prior to receiving paint or powder-coat finishes.

Armor is constantly improving our equipment, processes, and capabilities, to produce the best possible outcome. Please contact our sales department with questions or to receive a quote today.