Powder Coating

Armor's in-house powder coat system adds a level of versatility to many projects which require a durable high-quality finish. Our powder coat facility is built to accommodate large and small production runs with a conveyorized application and baking process.

Powder Coating Capabilities: 

  • Service both large and short runs
  • Packaging and warehousing available
  • Local pick-up and delivery
  • Our line can handle long assemblies and large squared pieces up to 2.5'W x 2.5'H x 20'L
  • Capabilities include automated/conveyor lines as well as batch ovens that handle sizes up to 7'W x 7'H x 12'L
  • Our batch ovens can handle both short and large runs, including sizes up to 7'W x 7'H x 12'L
  • Powder Coat Applications

High quality preparation of the surface includes: surface cleaning, shot blasting, and burn-off prior to powder coating to ensure a quality finish. Metal surfaces include aluminum, ferrous/stainless, extrusions, and castings.


Powder coat finish line