Material prep for paint process

Material Prep

Armor has over sized primer and paint booths which will accommodate nearly any need; large or small. The shot blast and steam cleaning systems are equally scaled to handle large and over sized items. The blast and cleaning booths offer the ability to prepare many materials for a variety of finish processes. Paint options include powder coat, wet applied primers and paint, as well as CARC military specification coatings.  

As a part of Armor's dual monorail system, the media blast booths and steam cleaning system are seamlessly integrated into the paint process, which assures optimal results. Armor's oversize shot blast booth is ready to handle large items with an overall capacity 26 ft. x 40 ft. x 14 ft. Upon completion of the surface prep process, parts are ready for priming, paint, or powder coat, all of which are within Armor Contract's finishing capabilities.

Armor Contract Cleans per TT-C-490E

We can meet:

  • Method I - Mechanical or abrasive blast
  • Method II- Solvent cleaning by immersion, spray, or vapor
  • Method III- Hot Alkaline Cleaning by immersion, spray, or electrolytic methods. We pretreat per TT-C-490E or IAW MIL-DTL-53072 (CARC) or various other enamel (Mil-T-704) or Mil-STD-171


  • Type I: Zinc Phosphate (we subcontract)
  • Type II: Aqueous iron Phosphate
  • Type III: Wash Prime per DOD-P-15328, TT-P-1757 or Mil-C-8514


  • Wash Bay 10' x 10' x 20'
  • Heated Pressure Washer
  • Steam Cleaning Booth – 20’ x 24’ x 14’
  • Grit Blast Booth – 26’ x 40’ x 14’