Paint and Finishing

Armor Contract Manufacturing has one of the largest in-house paint booths in the Midwest. The Armor paint system was designed with a single notion in mind; give the ability to prep, paint, and prime nearly any product, no matter the size. We have the capability for a variety of paint and finish options, including Wet paint, eCoat, CARC, and Powder Coat

 Environmental Benefits of the Armor Paint System:

  •  All Booths and equipment are EPA certified
  •  Meets or exceeds all local, state and federal regulations
  •  All solvents recycled to GE purity specifications
  •  Three-stage exhaust air filtration
  •  Automated filter monitoring to reduce waste
  •  All discharge water and solvents contained on-site for recycling
Wet Paint Material Prep
Powder Coating Requestaquotecta